The Shans are the second largest ethnic group in Myanmar. The gospel reached them through the American Baptist Missionary Union around mid 19th century. The Shans, however, remain an unreached people group. Amongst their current needs, education is one of the greatest. The number of students attending school tapers sharply towards High School with very few reaching College. Majority of the Shans are rural with many of their villages without High Schools. To send children to school parents and children inevitably have to choose between home and school. Those who do so make heavy sacrifices and face many hardships.

‘Shunem Homes’ has been conceptualized to help the Shan families and villages keeping the aforementioned situations in mind. Shunem means ‘two resting-places.’ Accordingly Shunem Home will strive to serve as a second home for students and their families as they make the much needed sacrifices in seeking education and better future.